R&D and ERC Tax Credits

Refer a Small Business and Get $500!

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Refer & Earn

YOU WIN: For each new R&D or ERC tax credit client you refer, you'll earn $500.  Simply become a referral partner and share your unique referral link via email, text, or social media.

YOUR FRIENDS WIN: We help your friends recover the R&D and ERC tax credits that they are owed.  On average, we recover $65,000 per R&D client, and with over 16 years of experience, we stand behind our work 100%. 

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$500 Visa Gift Card for 1 Successful Referral

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 - Register 1-1

Step 1: Register

Register to instantly receive your unique referral link and access your member portal.

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Step 2 - Share 1

Step 2: Share

Share your link with small business owners (or provide referrals directly to your consultant or email us).

Step 3 - Earn 1

Step 3: Earn

Earn a $500 VISA Gift Card when your referral receives their R&D or ERC tax credit refunds.  Earn unlimited rewards. 

FAQs About The Referral Program

We have all the information you need about the Referral Program.  However, if you can't seem to find the answer you need, please don't hesitate to send us an email at refer@ensogroupinc.com.

How does the referral program work exactly?

The referral program encourages small business owners like yourself to refer other small business owners to our R&D and ERC credit services. When a referral becomes a new client and recovers their credits, you'll earn a $500 Visa Gift Card. It's that simple!

What if my friend is in a different industry?

We have experience helping small businesses in over 30 industries recover R&D and ERC credits, so we can likely assist your referral even if they are in a different industry.

What type of business should I refer?

We’ve helped small businesses in over 30 industries, ranging in size from 3 employees to 100+. Our analysis is 100% FREE, and over 80% of the businesses we provide an evaluation for are eligible to recover funds. Qualified industries include construction, trades, food & beverage, agriculture, manufacturing, services, technology & software, engineering, architecture, dental, medical, professional services, and more.

Are there any limitations on the number of referrals I can make?

No, refer as many small businesses as you'd like. You will earn a $500 Visa Gift Card for every one of your referrals that becomes a new client.

How will I receive my $500 referral reward?

Once one of your referrals becomes a new R&D or ERC credit client, you will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card via email within 2 weeks. 

How long will it take until I receive my $500 referral reward? 

Once the referral becomes a new R&D or ERC credit client, please allow up to 14 days for the $500 Gift Card to be delivered. Usually, it takes about 4-6 weeks for a small business to become a new client.  

How can I track my referrals and earned rewards?

You can track your referrals, their status, and earned rewards in our Referral Partner Portal. It will show how many referrals you've made, which ones have become clients and your accumulated rewards. The partner portal is available 24/7 to monitor your referral activities and rewards.

What are the eligibility criteria for participating in the referral program?

Anyone can become a referral program member and refer small businesses. You win by earning $500 for every referral who becomes a new R&D or ERC client, and the referred businesses win because they can recover their overpaid taxes. On average, small businesses recover $65,000 through the R&D program alone.

Start Sharing. Start Helping.

Together, we can help small and medium-sized business owners everywhere because only 1 out of 20 knows about and takes advantage of these credits and incentives. Large companies, on the other hand, have almost exclusively been taking advantage of them since they were established in 1981.

With an average recovery of $65,000, this can make quite a difference for a business owner to sustain and grow their business. We do our part with our expertise, free analysis, and recovery services. We’ll give you $500 as a THANK YOU for doing your part.

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